Cathy - Scamps Professional Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming Services

The full Groom Service includes:


Prices are approximate and are dependent on size and condition.

Examples Prices: Starting from
Spaniels – Cocker/Springer/Cavalier £38
Lhasa Apso  £38
Shih Tzu £38
Maltese £35
Bichon Frise £38
Labrador £30
German Shepherd £45
Collie £45
Cocker/Cavepoo £38
Labradoodle - small £40
Labradoodle - Large £55
Poodle -Toy £38
Standard Poodle £55
Schnauzer £38 - £45
Chihuahua £25
West Highland Terr £38
Large/Giant Breeds £55
Hand Strip £50
Jack Russell £30
Golden Retriever £45

Bath and Dry Only

If you have been out on a really muddy walk, or if your dog rolls in something yuk! Lets face it, they all do it, give me a call or pop in and we can get them in the bath asap!!

Small £15
Medium £20
Large £25 - £40
Giant £50+

Scamps Professional Pet Grooming Puppy


It is really important to get your puppy used to the grooming environment – not only does it help them to be happy being groomed, it gets them used to being touched which will be helpful when they go to the vet, or when carrying out those important health checks.

We do a puppy introduction session where puppy comes in and we get them used to the salon, the sounds and smells. We make it as pleasant an experience as possible for pup , If they are happy to, we will give them a bath and dry and brush through so they will leave feeling clean, happy and smelling great. 

Without a bath Free
With bath and dry £15

(Puppy up to 6 months)

Scamps Professional Pet Grooming Cat

Cat Grooming

We groom all types of cats and all temperaments!!

Cats, especially long haired cats can not groom themselves sufficiently and often end up having to have their coats removed due to matting, however regular grooming can eliminate this. Also matts are very painful and cats try to bite them off which leads to skin irritations.

Prices vary starting from £40 - £50